Provence Oniony Seitan

Vegan Grill Provence Oniony Seitan

//  WEIGHT: 400 g


Water, wheat gluten, dried onion, cereal, wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, spices


Store refrigerated at 0-5 ° C. Consume within 5 days of opening!

Proposal preparation:

The Provence-onion seitan, quickly cooked with rice, bulgur, couscous or even millet, is ready to be served.

Our product is vegan and it contains no soya, preservatives or additives.

Nutrition facts in 100g:

Calories: 514KJ/123kcal
Total fat: 3,7 g
- saturated fat  0,5 g
Cholesterol: 7,2 g
- sugar 4,9 g
Fiber: 3,6 g
Protein: 13,3 g
Salt: 1,2 g


Wheat, oats.

Expiration date:

180 days