Vegan Burger

Vegan Grill Vegan Burger

//  WEIGHT: 200 g


Water, wheat gluten, oat flake, wheat flour, salt, beetroot dust, aroma, onion powder, spices, ground mustard seed. Thickening agent: cornstarch.


Between 0 and +5 degrees Celsius, consume within 5 days after opening.

Proposal preaparation:

Sautee the burger patty on a speck of vegetable oil, in a hot pan or on a hot plate and then put together a classic Hungarian burger using fresh vegetables, mustard, ketchup and pickles.

Our product is vegan and it contains no soya, preservatives or additives.

Nutrition facts in 100g:

Energy 1433,7KJ/343kcal
Fat 2,2 g
- of which saturates  0,3 g
Carbohydrate: 35,9 g
- of which sugar 3 g
Fibre 2,7 g
Protein 42,3 g
Salt 1,9 g


180 day


Wheat, oats.